Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Something Alive, Jem Yoshioka :))

WALT - Infer meaning from text

How can you relate to this text?
I sadly can’t relate, but I totally understand Jem’s perspective.

How does Jem feel about her heritage?
Throughout the story her points of view changes. In the beginning she feels quite sad that she doesn't know much about her Japanese culture, but around the end she becomes happy for, she now studies and learns her language.

What does she mean when she says “I’m lost in both places”?
Jem was born in New Zealand but her ancestors came from Japan. Maybe she's saying that she doesn't feel entirely japanese and so she's lost? I mean it can get rather confusing and frustrating when you hardly know much about where you come from or you identity.

How effective are the images?
The illustrations in the book, fits very well through the story. It made everything more understandable.

When she says “I am learning” and  “I am trying” what is meant by that?
In the story Jem has began to learn her language. These two sentences, may be referring to her as she is both learning and trying to understand more about her ancestors culture.

What symbols are present in the text or images?
When I read the book, I’ve noticed a symbol of a bunny in some images.

What do you think these symbols mean?
Well, I actually investigated on what the bunny means. In Japan it is known as the moon rabbit. They name this the moon rabbit because they believed the rabbit lived in the moon. This was a very well known folk.

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