Thursday, 17 May 2018


At exactly 8:00 on Tuesday, 24 of the most luckiest students were chosen to have the most amazing lifetime experience, Sailing! We all firstly arrived at school bright and early in warm and comfy clothes. We all hopped in the bus,greeting our bus driver kindly.We then headed towards the city where the sailing program was placed.

As we arrived, we all got a chance to meet our instructors, Gaven,Maria and Justin. They were all so kind enough to greet us wonderfully. Firstly, Justin showed us how to get the sail boats ready and so we had an opportunity to do it ourselves. We hatched up some ropes and opened the sail and a great big wave of the wind brushes through our faces.

We got the sail boats ready and then had morning tea. After a minute or two of eating we were told to put on swimsuits and life jackets which were hanging on the side fence.We all put on our swimsuits in the changing rooms. It was uncomfortable but bearable. One by one we hopped on our sail boats with one of our partners. I was partners with Viliami and then my sister Anastacia (there blogs will be down below). As I hop on the small sailboat I felt my stomach tickle in a unlikely of way. I was truly feeling nervous.

We spent the whole morning sailing. After a morning filled with fun we all got dropped of at shore to have a break. We sat down at our lunch areas and ate our lunch. As we ate we decided to play around at the shore, where we saw the waves crash softly against the reef and seeing seagulls fly across our eyes. It was a beautiful view. We continued sailing but there was a great challenge which was formed by the instructors of the sailing program. The instructors took us to the deeper end side of the sea. At first we were all doing so well but some problems occurred. Most of us sunk slowly to the bottom and some collapsed, but we were all saved from the instructors.

After sailing we helped take the boats back and then we got changed back into our warm clothes. It was a very fun experience, I hope we come again!


Down below is a thank you letter to Gaven,Maria and Justin.

Dear, Justin,Maria & Gaven,
I am truly thankful that you have invited us to have the most incredible experience of our lives. We enjoyed every bit  and learned many things you’ve taught us. I’m sure I can speak for the rest of us and say, that you have made our entire day a blast! We all hope we can come back one day.

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