Thursday, 18 May 2017

Critical Thinking!

Thinking Critically
We are learning to think critically about what we are learning.

For each article write down whether it is real or satirical and how you could work this out.

Is this article true?
Check out this article Is it true or is it satirical?
  • I think it’s true because I trust the Man because It did say he studied it for seven whole years! So he must be a expert!
  • I also did some research and it showed a picture of the man and the Spicy Pepper
  • I am still confused about how it can kill you but The man did explain why it would..Because of how much heat is on the pepper!

Check out this article. Is it true or satirical?
  • I’ll say it’s fake because first the site is called “TheOnion” That's a weird name site? It also sounds fake
  • I’m Mysterious on how they filmed it? I would say they set it up and made other people film it to make it believable!
  • For an Example Donald Trump (President of U.S.A) was called a idiot by him self.It was mysterious because this article is on the same site that was Donald Trump's Article was! Donald Trump’s Article was fake,Does it mean the Article were reading is fake too?

Check out this article. Is it true or satirical? Do you believe the story or could it just be a reflection on the road?
  • I think it could be Satire because the “Ghost” was unclear and it would’ve been a reflection reflecting to the window making them think there's a ghost?
  • There's a dashboard camera so I think they set it up..The Video also ended the minute they turned their car.Maybe they turned it of to make it believable. Making it mysterious!
  • The site is named “Mirror” with a “M” logo.The site sounds weird  but when you take a look at the categories it say’s “News,Weird News and Ghosts??” Isn't that Mysterious!


  1. Hi Anita,

    Great critical thinking! You made some great points as to why you thought that the articles were true or not. The last article is on an official news site, but I agree about the 'ghost' not being very believable. This wasn't written as satire, but the article is talking about some peoples opinions about the topic.

    1. Hi Miss Stone,
      Thank you for leaving a comment!



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