Monday, 27 March 2017

Perfect Place Value! Maths

Perfect Place value
We are learning to solve division equations using place value.

75 ➗ 5 = 14

147 ➗ 7 = 21

132 ➗ 6 =22

120 ➗ 6 = 20

880➗ 88  =1

625 ➗ 25 =25

10 x 1.5 =15

100 x 1.5 = 150

12 x 21 =252

13 x 14 =182

333 x 21 =9990

45 x 21=945

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Detroit Mural!

Detroit Mural

For Reading today we learnt about Graffiti Art and we had to chose between 5 different types of Art and I chose the Detroit Mural! I have created a google draw about the Detroit Mural and on the google draw it shows the meaning of the painting and other interesting facts about the mural!

Write4Gold by Vanessa York


Why is the article name "Write4Gold"? Because people get to write on the wall and get to win money for the prize!

Is Graffiti illegal? In some places Graffiti can be illegal but in other places it can be considered as Art

Can graffiti be considered as art? I think it can because a lot of talented people are really good at Art 

What is you opinion on Graffiti? I think its really interesting and I think people are so talented

What is the main message in this poem? I think that the main message is that Graffiti can be special in many different ways but vandalising walls and buildings ain't right...

How did the author of the book and article think about Graffiti? They dont think Graffiti is to special

If you were designing a graffiti image about our environment what will you design (E.g plastic bags in a shape of whales) I would design garbage in a shape of a blooming flower!

The Lorax


On Friday the 17th of March Room 8 had the opportunity to watch a movie about our environment and the movie we chose was the "Lorax".When we watched the Lorax we also had to fill in a sheet of paper that contained questions about the Lorax!.Here are the questions I filled in....

1.What was the role Dr. Seuss gave the Oncler and Lorax?
a)Oncler~Inventor and Sales Men
b)Lorax~The guardian of the forest

2.Who do you identify and why?
a)Animals in need of water,food and shelter
b)I identify the parents using the Oncler for money

3.A "thneed" is defined as a fine things everyone needs.What are some examples of a "thneed" ?
a)Water,Food and Air

4.How could the "thneeds" have been made without destroying the truffula trees?
a) You could always use animal fur (That can always grow back!)

5.What environmental conflict is illustrated by the conformation between the Lorax and Oncler Compare actual environmental conflicts that occur everyday?
a) Water Pollution,Air Pollution and Food needed...

6.Give three examples that the Oncler has created?
a)Water Pollution,Deforestation,Air Pollution

7.Who are the swoomee Swans,Barbaloots and Humming Fish? The animals who live in the forest.What were there fate? Since the trees are cut down they cant eat and they probably might start starvation and probably lead to death

8.Why do you think Dr. Seuss wrote the Lorax? 
To remind people why humans and Animals need trees and to inspire people to make a stand and help save trees....

Image result for the lorax trees

This is what "thneeds" are made out of!

Naming the different types of Marae Parts!

Naming the different types of Marae Parts!

For Te Reo Maori today we learnt the different types of Marae Parts.In this picture i labelled the different types of Marae Parts.I hope you like it!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Food Description!

Food Description

For Food Tech today we got to taste different types of Asian,Japanese and Chinese food.We firstly got everything prepared and then starting tasting our food.I firstly got a "Raspberry Moon Cake!"It was from Taiwan.It tasted really sweet....It was so crispy and yum! Next I got raspberry jelly Lollies! It was also Sweet itself! After that we had Seaweed chips . They were Salty and disgusting :(. After I had the Seaweed chips we got to have dumplings!.The dumplings were so delicious and salty but they had a hint of sweet,then we had Seaweed salad it was salty and tasted like sushi....I would like to say thank you to Miss Stone for giving us this opportunity to try different types of meals and taking her time to go and buy these meals for us! I would also like to Thank Mrs Pome'e because she helped by making us the meals!

Rasberry Moon Pie
e!Image result for Raspberry Asian Pastry


Image result for Dublings

Raspberry Asian Lollies

Image result for raspberry jelly lollies

Seaweed Soup!

Image result for Orwell Seaweed Soup!

Seaweed Salad

Image result for japanese seaweed salad

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Drain Art!

Drain Art!!!

Today was a very special day! Today we got to skip our fitness to help the humanity of animals in the sea.We got to have the opportunity to save the environment and make it fun! We got to do drain art,For drain Art we got to draw on the the concrete with colourful chalks!

This is one of the examples for Drain Art!
Image result for Drain Art

Want to know how to make it?

First you need different types of coloured chalk then find a image of something to do with the ocean,After that copy the image and draw it on the concrete then DONE! You finished doing your drain art.

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