Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Meaning Behind Photos/Inferencing

For Reading this week we have been learning about inferencing.Inferencing means reading between the lines and going more deeper into the story.When Inferencing a photo we had to compare it to a photo from ‘Six Photos’ a book we read.

Inferences :
This is a back of a library as you can tell
If this photo was taken years ago maybe it would’ve had a black and white filter instead.

Treasure Island

In Writing this week Room 8 have been learning about writing for a specific audience such as tennagers,kids and adults.In my Slide I have written a short story for children.


 In this Slide show I have added easy words for the children to understand,but in some paragraphs there are spaces where hard words are needed.

Six Photos by Dylan Owen

We are learning to consider the deeper meaning of an image

Word in a sentence
Its Shoes.
The girls had nob nailed shoes when they took the photo.
Accepting or allowing what others do.
I am passive towards your decision.
World War One occurred centuries ago.
To exaggerate a sentence
‘’Noah has a heart of a lion’’. That's a metaphor.

Can photos help historians to work out what was happening in history? why/why not?

What was different about taking a photo in 1870 compared to taking a photo today?
Now : There are different filters (Snapchat)
Then: Only Black and White filters

Page 10
What is powerful about the image on page 10 - what is the story behind this image?
When the Maori took their pictures they had to wear and adapt to European ways.When some of the Maori resisted they would get a punishment such as taking there land or putting them behind bars.

Page 13
On page 13 we see quite a controversial (in modern times) image - what does this image tell us about what was acceptable then?
- Big Dresses
- Different types of costumes

Why do you think some of these costumes would not be acceptable today?
People nowadays don't wear big heavy dresses.

Page 15
On page 15 we see an image of Irini. What do you think the photographer wants us to know about her?
- Her Special tattoo
- How Irina is wearing both European and Maori clothes.

Page 17
What stands out to you in the image on page 17?
Hard work the family works to look after the farm/animals

If you could ask the family a question, what would you ask?
Would you give up your farm one day and live in a more better house.

Page 19
Why do you think the photographer took the image on page 19?
To Show us what a simple tidy kitchen looked like ages ago.

What do you think was going on outside of the frame
Maybe everything else is also tidy.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Brushing Our teeth

Having good hygiene is really important,one of the most important thing out of all the hygiene categories is brushing your teeth.Brushing your teeth involves using a toothbrush and toothpaste.We all have to brush our teeth twice a day,so we won't have bacteria nor bad breathe.

How do you brush your teeth?
Firstly,wet your toothbrush and add Toothpaste on top of your toothbrush.Squirt only a little of the toothpaste on your toothbrush and gently brush both sides of your top back teeth.Gently move on to brushing both the low back teeth.When you're finished brush the front teeth.At the end brush your tongue.You need to do this 2 minutes twice a day.

What causes our teeth to be dirty?
Many of the bacteria in our mouths are harmful and can form a film on teeth called ‘dental plaque’,which causes our teeth to have cavities and gum diseases.Some of the causes of dirty teeth is also eating horrible and unhealthy food which also can leave your teeth dirty and unhealthy.

Why do we need to brush our teeth?
We all need to brush our teeth so the ‘plaque’ in our teeth which buildups up everyday. disappears.It's important to brush our teeth because if we don't it can lead to a well know gum disease called Gingivitis.We also need to brush our teeth to prevent having dog breathe.

In conclusion we should all brush our teeth daily and keep ourselves hygienic and healthy!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

World War 1 and the 5 W's

For Inquiry this week we have been learning about World War 1.Here is my template of some questions my teacher has organized for me :

Who was involved in World War One ?
Britain,France,Russia,Italy and the USA.These are the main Countries.
When did the war occur?
July the 28th,1914 to November the 11th, 1918
Where did the war take place ?
The war took place all over the world but mostly happened in Europe.
Why did the war start?
There were a lot of issues which caused the war to happen but one of them were Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie's death.They both got assassinated.
What prevented the war from continuing?
The german.They signed a paper where the violence and the fighting would stop.All of the nations had to agree so set there paths for peace.
How many people died when world war 1 ended?
Over 41 Million people died.Most were civilians.

Why are poppies so important ?

~ During the war a lot of flowers grew within the battlefield.Those flowers which grew on the battlefield were called poppies.The poppy is a remembrance to those who died fighting for not only us but our country,This poppy is a way to honor those people who died.

Image result for poppies on battlefield

Can we Auto-correct Humanity?

Technology nowadays is used by many people. It has become an essential part of everyday life. Whether for business or pleasure, people cannot seem to go without it. While some technology devices are used for most of our needs, it is to many more so a want, a luxury to have. Technology has a great effect in our lives both positive and negatively.I would like to stress on the negative points of technology.

The use of social media can make our social skills lack.We tend to lose ability to read body language and social cues in other people.This will make us depend on technology to help us gain friends by chatting online instead of socializing face to face.

Constantly looking down at a device/screen can cause health problems like eyestrain and neck problems. Eventually during time your neck  can lose its natural curve.Eye strain can also leave you in pain and can cause a lot of headaches.

Some of the negative effects of technology can be linked to the effect it has on sleeping habits.At night we could be so drawn to our devices we won’t even know when to go sleep.Our brain is showing to much interest in what were watching so our brain won’t show any effects of tiredness,If the brain feels this way you won’t be able to sleep for a long time.Also the light of the screen can affect the release of melatonin,a sleeping chemical.

The more time people spend with their devices the more obsessed they would be.They won't have any exercise time to be fit and would become fat and unhealthy.This would lead to depression and stress.Sometimes spending too much time with technology can also remove the family time you’ll get.

Some people would take technology as an advantage to bully other people online.People would want to do this because it's easier for them instead of saying it in front of their faces as a person.A lot of this cyber bullying can encourage kids to proceed with suicide.

Technology has affected humanity in a lot of ways.There is more violence and there is more damage within our body being caused.Do we need to take a picture of our food,Why can't we just eat it? Do we need technology to find friends,Can't we just make friends face to face?

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Bastion Point Summary

This week we read about Bastion Point. For our Create activity for we had to make a summary of Bastion Point to teach others about what happened. Here is my Summary about Bastion PointπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡