Saturday, 13 April 2019

The Treasure Map (Maths) - Holiday Homework!

Captain Black-heart buries his treasure but loses his treasure map! But all is not lost. His trusty crew remember different bits of the map.

"I remember drawing it with 5 squares each way", says the Captain. "There was a row of three trees running due East from the square (1,1)", Peg Leg Pete says. "You put each one of them on a different square." "Weren’t there four granite boulders going due South from (5,5)?" John asks. "I think you put one of them each in a square too." "Ah!. Now I remember!" yells the Captain. "I buried the treasure halfway between the first rock and the most western tree!"Where is the treasure?

Tim's Trip (Maths) - Holiday Homework!

It’s 7 km from Tim’s house to where his Grandma lives. It’s uphill on the way there so he can only cycle at 14 kph but he can do 21 kph on the way back. Tim leaves his house at 6 pm. How long can he stop at his Grandma’s house if he wants to be back home for his favorite TV programme at 7 pm?

Simple Maths - Holiday Homework!

For the holiday homework we had to answer all these questions/equations correctly. If we do so, we earn points. Down below is our answers for those questions/equations that both me and my sister worked on. This is her blog - Anastacia's Blog

Landmarks - Holiday Homework!

The holidays have started and many students are excited. It has been such a great term! Hopefully we move away from all the negativity and focus more on positive things. Since the holidays have began our teacher has assigned our class to holiday homework. Both me and my sister contributed in this and finished the first task by labeling  the following landmark. 

Landmark - Country/City
Coca-Cola London Eye
Buddha Dordenma Statue
South Asia, Hong Kong
Rome, Italy
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
Taj Mahal
Marina Bay Sands
Virgin Mary Statue
Chile, Santiago
Sydney Opera House
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco
Gateway Arch
United States of America
Beehive Wellington
New Zealand
The White house
United States Of Tennessee
Rushmore Monumento Nazionale
South Dakota, United States
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
New Zealand

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Room 7 & 9 Experience (Presentation)

Today, in the middle block, Room 7 had the privilege to teach Room 10 and 9 about the brain and the nervous system. My group (Anastacia & Francesca) were welcomed into Miss Smith's class, Room 9 to present to her students. Our group was presenting a presentation based on what we learnt about the brain in our classroom. After we presented our presentation we then go out some play dough for them to make neurons. Neurons are nerve cells. Down below is our presentation.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Pepeha 2019

Tena Koutou,

Ko Maugrae toku maunga
Ko tamaki toku awa
Ko Pacific Ocean toku moana
Ko  Air Nz toku waka
Ko Samoa toku iwi
Ko Glenbrae toku kura
No Glen Innes toku ahau
Ko folau toku whanau
Ko Ulisese toku papa
Ko Fatima toku mama
Ko Anita toku ingoa

Tena Koutou,Tena Koutou,Tena Koutou,Katoa

Friday, 29 March 2019

Analysis Image 1 - Miss Honey

Recently we have been reading a book called Matilda. Matilda is a very intelligent and talented girl whose parents are very discouraging. Since we have been reading about this book alot, we were assigned to analyze a character from the book. The character I analyzed was Miss Honey. Matilda’s teacher.