Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Chow Chow Dogs!


For Writing today we got to write a text for the people who were going to become Dog Owners.We wrote down what they should eat,how they should get trained and how to potty train the dogs.After Writing it we had to make a flyer about the text.Her is mine!

Isn't this Chow Chow dog Cute!

The Island of Dolls!

Learning to Write a Narrative Story!

For Writing this week we learnt how to write a Narrative Storie.My story is based on a true story that happened in Mexico City! I hope you like It!

The Island of Dolls

Once there lived a man called Bob,He lived on a island in a small house.Bob loved drinking beer by himself in his old house.Bob had friends.Bob’s friend’s weren’t really alive they were just hanging around.Bob's friends really liked spending time with bob at anytime they especially like talking at the middle of night.His friends were Dolls! Every day Bob would get a doll and hang it everywhere around the island in that way it showed he loved and cared for the doll’s.He would hang it on trees,his house and he would also hang it in his house up in his ceiling so every night he knew the Doll’s were looking after him.
Image result for Doll Island

One night bob decided to go down to the lake.He took his drink with him and he began walking.He sat on the edge of the lake and he sang a song “Sun comes up,we live and we cry Sun goes down and then we all D-I-E” Suddenly he disappeared out of Nowhere! The next day came and Bobs friends were confused of where he went,they waited and waited but he never shew up.Days became Months,Months became Years and he still never shew up.One faithful day a woman came to Bob's house.Her name was Ariel and she was running from the cops! She was running away from the hospital,the Mental Hospital.Ariel had a mental disorder.Ariel moved to the small island and saw a old house in a dark side of the island.As she walked in  the house she saw many dolls looking at her.She found Bobs old bed and decided to sleep on it on that night .The sun went down and the moon rises.Ariel went to sleep in Bob's bed.Then the dolls came alive! They all got there knife that was hidden under the bed Ariel was sleeping on.They grabbed the knives and then…….”Weeeeeeyooooo” the cops came and they
found a dead body on Doll Island
Image result for blood

To be Continued..

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Delicious Division!!

Delicious Division
We are learning to solve division equations using our knowledge of multiplication.

Multiplication practice:

56 ➗ 8 =    7         72 ➗ 9 =  8              44 ➗ 11 =  4
45 ➗ 9 =     5         64 ➗ 8 =  8              56 ➗ 7 =  8
35 ➗ 5 =     7      144 ➗ 12 = 12           27 ➗ 3 =  9

Maselino has 70 chocolates. He would like to share them between 5 friends. How many chocolates will they get each? =14

Cooking club have made 48 cookies that will be shared between 6 students. How many cookies will each student receive? =8

Davarni has 80 lollies. She would like to make 20 lollies. How many lollies can you use to make each lei? =40

Winnie has made 72 mini pineapple pies. She is sharing them between 12 friends. How many pies will each friend receive? =6

Po has 48 fidget spinners to share between 12 friends. How many will they receive each? =4

Mrs Tofa has ordered 81 tennis balls. They are in cans of 3 balls. How many cans should there be? =27

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pompeii! Inquiry!


Today Room 8 got to do a special Project,We got to make a model of the City,Pompeii.We had to also make a model of the volcano which erupted at Pompeii.We all got in our groups and we decided to make different parts of the Pompeii City.We got to make the Houses and Buildings,It was fun! Some other groups made other different parts of the Pompeii City like the Volcano.After a maximum of forty five minutes we went outside and laid the models of Pompeii on the Glenbrae Seats then Boom! The volcano Erupted! It was really Satisfying! At the end of the experiment we had to clean up our mess..

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Learning our Colours in Maori!

Te Reo Maori

In Te Reo Maori today we had to learn how to say our colours in Maori.We decided to learn our colours in Maori to represent our Nationality and where we live or come from.

Hope you Enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Black Death!

The Black Death
We are learning to: gather information from a range of sources

This week you will be completing a research project on the black death, or the plague.

Task One:
What is the black death? Black Death is a deadly disease which use to spread all over the world but mainly Asia,Africa and especially Europe!
Complete a four w’s and an H chart to create some questions to focus on, then research the black death in order to answer these questions.

5 W’S and an H chart
e.g. Who were affected by the “black death”or bubonic plague?
Some countries around the world were infected with Black Death.Some of those countries were Asia,Africa and Europe but the most infected was Europe! Half of the population was Infected with Black Death

When did this Disease happen?
The disease firstly started in the 14th Century and at the 13th Century
Where did they get Black Death from?
In this case it did not infect people firstly,THe deadly disease infected our Animals first.Fleas who had the disease gave or ate other animals and people which spread the disease to our fellow animals and people
What happened to the people who got infected with Black death?
The people who got black death was infected which lead to some swelling and Massive Zits on their Arms and Necks.Sometimes the Infection made people Crazy and eventually kills the people afterwards.The disease can only last for a week and if the people are not cure within a week the week the people who are infected will DIE!
Why did the people not care for the people who were infected to this disease!?

Because the people were afraid to get infected.They were also scared of dying!
How did the people treat the people with the disease?
It was sad but they didn't look after the people with the disease! Some Mothers and Fathers eventually left their son’s and daughters who were infected with the disease~Black Death.
Task Two:
Who was most affected by the black death?
Half of Europe!

What happened after the black death?
People had died :((

Task Three
How would you feel if you were in Europe at the time of the black death?
I would be worried about the country and what’s gonna happen if some people got infected from other countries.The disease from Europe can still be contagious (You don’t know that)

What would it be like if there was a plague today?
People would be infected and would look like zombies and would look sick
Has anything similar happened since?
Not of what I know of??? SO No
How would a plague affect us today?
Um it would infect all of New Zealand!!!

Create:  a presentation, interview, radio broadcast or poster that illustrates your understanding of the Black Death

Useful websites:

Friday, 26 May 2017

Our Amazing Trip to Ambury Farm!

Our Trip to Ambury Farm!

Yesterday Thursday Room 8 and Room 7 got the opportunity to go to a wonderful farm, Ambery Farm.We went to Ambury Farm because this term our topic is about Animals! We were going to learn about the wonderful Animals and how to treat them very well.

We all got our name tags ready and we headed to the Glenbrae School Hall.We all talked about how to be respectful to the workers who worked at the Farm and how we will all behave probably and kindly! Once we finished discussing our behavior We finally got to hop on the bus! We all lined up and got on the bus.A few Seconds later we were moving.We finally arrived at the Ambury Farm and we already saw different types of Animals! We saw a Sheep.We went to the Family area and we firstly ate our Morning Tea, It was Delicious! After eating our Morning tea we got to meet a woman called “Caroline” She had curly brown hair with Green Eyes! She was so pretty.Caroline the owner of the farm introduced us to different animals, She showed us a skeleton of a strong mighting goat with incredible horns.She also showed us a skeleton of one of the toughest pig’s in their farm.It had sharp teeth and a strong bulky head! After meeting the extraordinary Animals we got to do a fun and learning activity.We were learning Inputs and Outputs of a farm.Then Caroline showed us something real special, She showed us the wool of the sheep and she also shaved the sheep in front of us It was cool! After our Activities, we got to go on our walk around the farm.We walked around the farm and we saw cow’s (Only Cow’s).We were told we can go walk around if we came right back to the Family Area.As soon as we got to the Family Area we got to play a quick game of “Bang”, It was fun! When Room 7 arrived back from feeding and Meeting the Animals we finally got to have our Lunch Break.After our Lunch Break, Room 8 got the opportunity to meet and feed the Animals.We firstly met two very cute pigs.One was golden with Black Spots and was wearing Nose Rings, Her name was Mele.Another One had Black and White Spots and was called Pig Floyd.They were so Cute.Then after meeting the wonderful Pig’s we got to meet a goat called Skippy.He had incredible horns and a soft and white coat of fur.I was more excited to feed him then to see the goat, to be honest.We were all given goat treats to feed the goat.We stuck our head in the gate and he came strolling down in a line eating the food we were going to feed him.He was really kind and liked the attention.I got 4 kisses from the goat and he also let me pet him 7 times! He was very kind.After meeting the Goat we got to meet a big Male Turkey.He had beautiful wings and a giant Snood which stood up straight in the air (Fact: Did you know that the Snood can go straight up in the air but can also go down and lay on its peak).After meeting the fantastic creature we went to feed the chickens, The chickens we very hyped and were ready to get fed.Feeding the chickens were different.We actually had to be real careful because the chickens can bite you if you don’t feed them probably.We squatted down and we made our hands very straight then the chickens starting poking our hand’s (It did not hurt).A while passed by and it was time to go.We never got to pet the Horse’s but it was very cool to see them from the distance.We saw our bus and we quickly ran back to the Family Area.We all got our bags and went in the Bus.After a while, we arrived back to Glenbrae School.

The trip was fun and I really enjoyed meeting and feeding the wonderful Animals! They were so kind and they really enjoyed the attention.Thank you Ambery Fun for giving us the opportunities to go to your farm! We really enjoyed coming! Hope to see you soon!