Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Culture!

My ethnicity is Samoan. The Samoan culture is very well known and is an amazing but small island.There are many traditions and many popular categories in my culture. The islands of samoa are made up by two main islands by the name of Upolu and Savai’i. From these two islands there are four more smaller islands which surround the landmasses.

Samoa has many traditional clothes,most commonly known as a Puletasi which are worn by many women. A puletasi is a matching skirt and tunic which both have the same design/patterns on it. Other clothes like the lavalava are also an important part of the samoan culture. This type of clothing can be worn by both women and men.

As well as the clothing,tattoos are also a special part in our culture. Most common and most popular tattoos in samoa are Malu’s and a Sogaimiti. In Samoa there are different types of ways to tattoo but the traditional way is to dip cutting tools into black ink.Then the samoan tattoo artist would begin the process of applying the ink to your skin. It is known to be a very painful process so beware when wanting to have a tattoo in samoa.

In Samoa, food are highly the most important source of the samoan culture and living. There are many traditional recipes which are extremely delicious. The Samoan cultural food are not heavily spiced and are often made out of coconut cream and milk. In the Samoan Culture there are also staple foods like Taro,Bananas and Fish. Just to name a few. Too cook these types of foods there is a samoan stove. It is known as a umu and it is an underground stove used by volcanic lava rocks.

Samoa is a beautiful and amazing island,I hope you enjoy my piece of writing. I also hope you had a little glimpse of my home.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

DigiTech - Outcome Attributes and Features

A few weeks ago,our DigiTech class got to check out other animation stories made by the 2017 DigiTech class. After we read the animated stories we then got to study on how they made there backdrops,got there characters plus more. Check out a google drawing of the different animated stories I watched.

DigiTech - Need & Opportunities

In the past few weeks of tech,my class have been learning to brainstorm conflicts in our community following with a animated story to resolve the issues. Down below is a google drawing I have created about conflicts in our community,and how I will resolve them using animated stories.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Easter! 2k18

Dear viewers and to all,

I would like to say I hope you enjoyed your easter holiday!
I hope you spent a great amount of time with your wonderful family and enjoying
the first 2018 event. Although it's very late I still made a poster to honor easter
(credits - Davarni)

Matilda - Roald Dahl (Realistic Fiction #3)

Matilda,was about a young girl with incredible powers. Matilda grew up in a non-loving family but others suddenly notice that a young 5 year old had an extraordinary mind. As she faces challenges through the year,it ends up becoming nothing to Matilda. She helps and deeply encourages those in need but what happens when she helps a weird but amazing person that she never thought she would?

Tom Gates - L.Pichon (Realistic Fiction #2)

Tom Gates,one of the most funniest books I read was about a young boy named,Tom Gates.This story was about how Tom Gates went through rough and difficult times while finding drummers for his band,Dog Zombies,and finishing his summer home learning in time for school. He also finds it hard collaborating with there meeting with their cousins.Will he be able to handle it?

Ghosts - Raina Telgemeier (Realistic Fiction #1)

Ghosts,was a about a family moving to a new place named ‘Bahia De La Luna’.When they move they meet many certain people and gain a lot of friends. When they arrive at their new town they suddenly hear other people talk about Halloween,or in other hands Day of the Dead.Day of the Dead was a day where loved ones who died came back. Catrina,a character in the story finds it hard to believe but maybe the people of Bahia De La Luna are right? Maybe there are ghosts?

My Culture!

My ethnicity is Samoan. The Samoan culture is very well known and is an amazing but small island.There are many traditions and many popula...